Hatziyiannakis quality

Dragees Hatziyiannakis S.A. constantly offers high quality products which stand out for:

  • their unchanged whiteness – a result of the excellent quality of sugar used in their production


  • their smooth surface – thanks to the long tradition and experience we have in the production of sugar dragees


  • their thin sugar coating – feature that allows the sugar dragees to easily break with one bite & requires excellent craftsmanship


  • their whole roasted almond – roasting highlights the taste of the nut balancing it with the sweetness of sugar


  • their real chocolate, without added vegetable fats – made from pure materials that confirm its excellent quality


  • the strict policy in choosing the secondarily materials and especially the colorings – for years we have been using no artificial colors – no artificial flavors (NAF NAC) for the sensitive group of children


  • their durability from 12 to 24 months, without alterations – based on continuous extensive laboratory analyses