Innovation is another important pillar for Dragees Hatziyiannakis. Wanting to always offer new, innovative products, our company:

  • Was the first Greek company (1990-2000) and still is the only Greek producer of  sugar dragees with chocolate core. It was also the first company to produce sugar dragees with almond and chocolate in various tastes in 2000-2010 (choco almonds).


  • Created an innovative product line, the Sweet Pebbles (first introduced in 2010). The unique characteristic of the sweet pebbles is their core of whole real fruit or nuts – not jelly or other substitute. Their balanced flavor combined with their unconventional look has made them an excellent choice for treat, decoration or even as a complement to the sugar dragees in wedding favors.


  • Has created a full range of products that covers all tastes to create the perfect combination for you. Sugar dragees with chocolate, double chocolate or a combination of nuts with chocolate, in many delicious flavors & incredible colors!