Package Design Awards!

Package Design Awards!

The new product category “sweet pebbles”, is a company’s innovation in domestic and international market. Inspired by the Greek islands, this category includes products of exceptional quality & taste, texture & original appearance / decoration. Products look like real pebbles & have a core of whole fruits in syrup which is coated with chocolate (70% cocoa) & a very thin layer of sugar. The new packages of these products demonstrate them through a sophisticated, elegant & minimal design simultaneously (inspiration & design by Mouse Graphics). The bags of sweet pebbles presented on the market a few months ago; they have already earned the impressions of consumers & some important awards at national and international level.


  • European Design Awards 2012 – Silver award (Packaging Food & Beverages). (Elsinki, Finland)
  • Ermis Awards 2012 – Gold award. (Athens, Greece)
  • Red dot award: communication design, winner Hatziyiannakis Dragées & Pebbles
  • Pentawards 2012 – Gold award (Paris – France)
  • Dieline Package Design Awards 2012 – Gold award (Confections, Desserts, Pastry, Chocolate, Candy, Sweets). (Boston – U.S.A.)

Mrs Sarah Williams –member of jury – said:

“What I love about this packaging is that it makes the product the hero. It’s smart and elegant, using minimalist design to showcase the beautiful palettes and textures of these chocolate pebbles. If the role of confectionary packaging is to pique your curiosity and tempt you, this certainly draws you in.”

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