Who we are

The fundamental principle on which we are devoted to is quality. It lies to the carefully selected raw materials, from officially certified producers in Greece and abroad, capable of meeting the highest culinary requirements.

Having in our hand the best raw materials, we make the best out of them, in the best possible way, using cutting edge technology and aligning traditional with innovative methods.

The most important part of our company, without which none of the above would be feasible, is our people! Trained, highly specialized, constantly renewing their knowledge, they create with their talent and imagination products of unique aesthetics for each of your special moments.

Every creator’s highest satisfaction is when he shares his creation. Thus, right after our care for the quality production of our products comes the care of easy access to them. The center of our focus is our customer service by getting the most out of every advanced the new technologies offer to us.

Last but not least, showing respect to all the clients who trust us and prefer our products, the certification of our select partners guarantees their originality.

The Greek tradition respects the creator, the man who creates little masterpieces using his zest and experience. In our case, they have to do with… taste. This is what we look for and the criteria we use to select our people. The love for their job, their devotion to it in combination with the family feeling developed among our employees is our true power.

The keystone of our activities is the close cooperation and the pursuit of common goals. The key to progress is the continuous education and the training through educational seminars in Greece and abroad that make the new techniques a part of our partners’ knowledge. And the desired result… every member of our family uses in his work his knowledge, his experience and his creativity being sure that it will be appreciated in a fair and safe environment.